Alphabet Series

B is for Butterfly

Brazil is home to hundreds of species of brightly colored insects, including the iridescent blue morpho. I was given a collection of beautifully framed  specimens, likely collected in Brazil  in the early 1960’s and transported overseas by my father, Leon Schneider a Merchant Marine from 1941-1967. If you were expecting to read about Butterflies and Merchant Marines in the same story, look no further! He’s now 94, perhaps he has a story to tell about them….

For the woodblock series, a butterfly block print is perfect for a random mix of colors.


The resulting prints will be used to create a vibrant display of butterfly wing patterns resembling the original family heirlooms. I look forward to seeing what the visitors to the Charlotte Mini Maker Faire on October 8th will create with this featured item, brought to you by the letter B: